Location Manager v1.60

Mar. 3, 2007 - Location Manager v1.60 released
We have released a new version of Location Manager that accomodates the changes to DST rules in the United States and Canada. Please install both locmgr.prc and llmgr.prc to your handheld.

Aug. 8, 2001 - Location Manager v1.51 released
We have released a small patch to Location Manager. The only change is a bug fix to prevent seconds from being truncated when choosing "Adjust Time" when changing timezones.

Jul. 11, 2000 - New Databases & Updates
We have updated the US database as well as posting Japanese and Chinese databases. Please feel free to use them as needed.

Sep. 6, 1999 - Location Manager v1.50 released
While no real changes have ocurred from a user standpoint, it is now much easier for developers to use Location Manager in their applications. Some applications will start requiring this version for that reason.

Apr. 19, 1999 - Added a European Database
A European database (as well as European cities for Create a Database) have been added

Apr. 16, 1999 - Create a Database!
We're proud to announce a new service that allows you to create your own custom database on the web by clicking which cities you want in it and then downloading it. To take advantage of Create a Database, click here. Right now cities in the United States and Canada are available.

Mar. 19, 1999 - FlashPro Compatibility Report
Although ASync Computing is reporting that all of Location Manager works in Flash memory with FlashPro, this is not quite the case. You absolutely cannot put the databases in Flash memory at the current time. It is reported by users that you can put Location Manager and Location Manager Library in Flash without a problem, however this is untested by Star Pilot Tech. More info will be forthcoming.

Mar. 10, 1999 - Canadian Database Released
We have released a pre-compiled Canadian database. Download it below.

Feb. 16, 1999 - HELP US!
We have had a few conflicting reports about when DST begins/ends in Australia and whether it's observed or not in certain areas. In fact various websites/Australian government sources seem to conflict. If you can help us sort this out, please mail us.

Location Manager is an application for the Palm Computing® platform. As the Pilot has developed, more and more applications have become dependent on the user's location and time zone settings. It is inconvenient to have to set these separately in each application so Location Manager was designed to provide access to any program that utilizes its library calls. The end result to the user is that they can set their location once and easily change it if they travel without having to reset numerous applications.

In addition to providing a single interface for multiple programs, Location Manager has the following features:
  • Support for a pre-compiled and dynamic database, so users can add custom locations or use downloadable databases.
  • Location Manager can automatically reset your Pilot's clock when you change time zones.
  • Location Manager uses the standard 50 timezones of the world, so it can automatically detect DST.
  • Users can disable auto-DST detection if they so choose instead.

    For the End-User
    Location Manager is provided free of charge as freeware to the entire PalmPilot and WorkPad community. To start using location manager right away, download the files below(note that only one pre-compiled database can be used at a time, but custom cities can be added regardless of whether you're using a pre-compiled database or not):

    If you can handle .zip files, use one of these:
    Complete package v1.60 (without any databases)
    Complete package v1.60 (with US cities database)

    If you can not handle .zip files, download all of these:
    Location Manager Application v1.51
    Location Manager Library
    Location Manager Documentation

    Pre-Compiled databases, none of these are required to use Location Manager:
    162 US Cities
    24 Canadian Cities
    11 Chinese Cities
    11 Japanese Cities
    European Cities
    Create a custom DB on the web

    Applications that Support Location Manager
    The following applications support Location Manager:
    Star Pilot -- Available now!
    Sol! II -- Available now!
    Moon Info! -- Available now!
    J-Moons! v3.x -- Available now!
    Messier! -- Available now!
    Planets! -- Available now!
    Zman! III -- Available now!
    Mercury Transit 1999 -- Available now!
    Jovian -- Available now!
    Lunar -- Available now!
    Orrery -- Available now!

    For the Developer
    For gcc 0.50 and Code Warrior development
    We have recently changed from a shared library scheme to a more robust customized launch code scheme. You now launch Location Manager with a set of launch codes and certain parameters and can retrieve the location the user has set via these codes. See the files below:
    Development document - Text file describing how to use Location Manager
    Header file - Header file that you should use for development purposes

    Credits & Support
    Location Manager is developed by Star Pilot Technologies.
    While no technical support is guaranteed, questions should be directed to: